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VLC MEDIA PLAYER - Skin setting

VLC Media Player

As for customizing the VLC Media Player, there are also several themes that can be used only in Windows and Linux environments. Suffice it to refer to the manufacturer's website to realize how broad the set of skins made ​​by the international community of users. On Windows, to install a new theme, you must first copy the files "VLT" in the "C: Programmi/VideoLAN/VLC/skins". To activate it you must then select "Preferences" from the "Tools" menu in the Control Panel and select "Use custom theme" in the "Interface".

The "Browse" button allows you to select the desired file and apply the change, simply close and restart the application. To switch from one theme to another, you can then click the right mouse button anywhere in the main window and from the context menu choose "interface" followed by "Select theme". A specific editor for the creation of themes is available to users. its setting based on the logic WYSIWYG also allows use by users with less knowledge, because it does not require the writing of programming code.