VLC Media Player is a multimedia player and then released under the GPL open source. The extraordinary spread of VLC Media Player has met the interest of several developers who have contributed to the development of this software for all platforms. Not only vlc works on Windows and Macintosh platforms but also on Linux and Windows Mobile and CE.

Due to its versatility VLC Media Player is ideal for playback of streaming video, more and more popular. Thanks largely to the powerful codec which is fitted and also thanks to the content needs of system resources, you can watch movies streaming smoothly. The set of native codec allows VLC Media Player to be compatible with popular video and audio formats existing, without the need to download additional codecs.

The interface of VLC Media Player is very simple and intuitive even if there are more advanced controls for the more savvy. The customization of the software is made ​​possible by a set of skins that make your Vlc more graphically pleasing.

Click here to download VLC Player for free on your computer. Once you start downloading a VLC setup file is saved on your pc.