In today's world media players are very popular, increasingly demanded by users who use them for various reasons such as listening to music and watch videos.

VLC Media Player is an excellent choice among the available media players. The appearance chemerita more attention is the fact that VLC Media Player can, thanks to a set of codecs native to play all popular video and audio formats.

This means, in short, that there are no additional plug-ins or add-on to install. This leads to a drastic reduction of the risk of downloading viruses on the pc, since most of the viruses you download when you download the codec.

Download VLC Media Player is free for each platform. Once downloaded to your PC you just install it and possibly upgrade to fix bugs if any.

You can download VLC Media Player for free in Italian for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Ubuntu, Debian, IOS, Fedora and Solaris.